About Us

Fulfilling a specialized niche for reconditioning services, ColorAll Technologies introduced on-site repair services for fleet, heavy equipment, and agricultural industries almost twenty years ago. With specialized technicians continually striving to meet the repair requirements of their customers through a same-day service program, we make it possible for company vehicles to be returned to service quickly.

Today, ColorAll Technologies serves a wide range of fleet companies, rental car companies, government and municipal fleets, auction sites, used and new car dealerships and other markets with a single-source vendor approach, solving a wide range of color reconditioning needs conveniently at the customer’s location. Our management programs include weekly assessments and customized usage reporting, centralized billing and invoicing for our valued accounts.

Our repair services utilize products in accordance with our Green Earth Certified Franchise system, ensuring a safe work place at all times.

Note: Our technicians do not repair major collision damage for our customers. That work is properly the domain of the body shop. Our objective is to repair and recondition small- and medium-sized damage on vehicles that would negatively affect the salability or safety of the vehicle. ColorAll’s service technicians follow a strict rule that enforces them to confine their work to the smallest area possible in order to eliminate further damage, higher service charges, and more importantly, a loss of profitability for their customers.

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