Becoming a ColorAll® Technologies Franchisee

When the company was established some twenty years ago, ColorAll® Technologies International, Inc. filled an unserved niched — color reconditioning. After perfecting our processes and products as an independent business, we made the decision to open our corporation to the general public as a franchise opportunity.



Join us!

We invite you to become a ColorAll franchisee and be a part of a company that despite economic downturns and increased competition, continues to maintain its vigor within the sectors it serves. Becoming a franchisee brings forth a multitude of advantages that would be difficult or impossible to attain quickly if one were founding a new independent business.

Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • More than 20 Years of proven successes
  • Fleet companies, car rental companies, equipment companies and automobile dealerships understand the value added component we provide with on-site body and paint repairs
  • Vehicle down time and related expenses are virtually eliminated with our on-site services
  • You do not need automotive or industry related experience. You will receive full management training and on-going support
  • Marketing strategies are shared with Franchisees
  • Interviewing assistance provided for selection of Technicians and Account Manager
  • Training provided for Technicians
  • Nationwide quarterly phone conferences are provided for all Franchisees and Technicians to industry and technical updates
  • Sales and management training provided for Account Managers
  • ColorAll Technologies franchises are business-to-business concepts providing a needed service. Banks are more apt to supply loans to a franchise because the bank will be more confident in the fact that the business will go forth in a proven, profitable entity
  • The parent company already has a proven system of operation and therefore, is able to assist the franchisee with developing a business plan
  • More importantly, ColorAll allows the franchisee to be both an independent business as well as a contributing part of the overall ColorAll personnel
  • ColorAll’s management team works together with you in providing business coaching, new business relationship building, continuing technical education and is committed to your continual successes

ColorAll Franchisees and Technicians Possess the Following Attributes:

  • Specialists in both vehicle and equipment color reconditioning practices
  • Expert assessment of vehicle and equipment repairs
  • Professional management of various refurbishment services for all transportation industry sectors
  • Consistently perform safe repair practices
  • Representatives of ColorAll® Technologies consistently strive to uphold the ethical code of this corporation and the services that it offers

Here’s What You Get:

  • Protected Territory
  • Full training and support
  • Ongoing technical research and development
  • Shared national business relationships
  • Corporate billing and invoicing management
  • Green Earth Certification
  • Interviewing assistance provided for selection of Technicians and Account Managers
  • Sales and management training provided for Account Managers
  • Training provided for Technicians
  • Sherwin-Williams Automotive national paint provider benefits
  • Nationwide Conference Calls
  • Franchisee Network of experience
  • Three (3) fully equipped technician kits
    • Paints, toners, etc
    • Tools, sanders
    • Environmentally safe products
    • MSDS for all inventories and supplied products
    • ColorAll® Technologies branded apparel
  • Sales Training and new franchise launch support
  • Technical Evaluation
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