Types of Repairs Offered

  • Paint & Body Reconditioning
  • Dents
  • Gouges
  • Scratches
  • Faded and Oxidized Surfaces
  • Decals and Wraps

Benefits to our Customers

  • Services are performed on-site at our clients’ car dealerships, car rental companies, auction sites, or fleet accounts eliminating off-site transportation costs
  • Quality services are performed swiftly and cost almost half the price for the same work carried out at a body shop
  • ColorAll® Technologies can arrange to provide services for their clients on a scheduled basis that best suits the customers’ needs greatly reducing repair managements stresses
  • Vehicle down time is reduced resulting in little to no loss in the clients’ revenues

ColorAll Ultimate Solution®

An enhancement coating for faded or oxidized surfaces. As a non-paint product, ColorAll Ultimate Solution® dries within minutes. Revitalizing the look of your fleet and equipment. Decals are restored, colors become vivid, shiny and bright. The age of your vehicles and equipment is no longer visible. But the best part is; vehicle and equipment down time is virtually erased. Within hours your vehicles and equipment can be returned to inventory increasing your bottom line.

ColorAll® Technologies is proud to be the first and only company thus far, to receive an exemption endorsement from the Environmental Protection Agency for ColorAll Ultimate Solution®. This exemption was awarded specifically because of our unique blend of solvents designed completely free of hazardous air pollutants.

ColorAll Ultimate Solution® provides a high durable gloss to metal, fiberglass, plastic and rubber surfaces. The coating can be applied over decals, hydraulic hose lines and tires and remains highly resistant to cracking or peeling.

ColorAll Ultimate Solution® will restore faded paint surfaces to the original factory finish appearance.


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