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In today’s environment, appearance of your vehicles is the key to a strong brand recognition and improvement of the bottom line. Whether it is a fleet vehicle, rental car or used car, the customer’s perception is based on the way your vehicles look. We find that customers are looking to limit the downtime and control costs of their vehicle maintenance. ColorAll’ s footprint of technicians will help you decrease your costs and increase your market presence.


On average a truck dealership has a 60 day sales cycle to sell the vehicle. From the day the vehicle is purchased that timeline starts. Most vehicles need to get a full safety check as well as confirmation that the vehicle does not have any mechanical defects. This process on average takes five days. After this process is complete the Used Vehicle Manager must now make sure that the vehicle is front line ready. If the vehicle is sent to the body shop for cosmetic repairs this could add another 7 business days. All time figured, that additional 7 days now decreases your ability to sell that vehicle in the allotted 60 day sales cycle by an additional 20%. Every day that passes where the vehicle isn’t sold the vehicles’ value decreases. This is why ColorAll’s® same-to-next day process so valuable. We have seen in many cases that a truck that has not been reconditioned in 45 days suddenly sells when they get the damage repaired.

Service Drive- ColorAll® does not only provide you with cost savings but also a Service Drive Program that is very profitable. This program gives the dealer the advantage of having a captured market and the ability to keep the dollars in-house without sacrificing long downtimes. With the recent decrease in car sales and service business the ColorAll® Service Drive allows dealerships to maintain a high level of profit and CSI scores.

What can you expect from ColorAll® Technologies?

  • Reliability
  • Outstanding on-site service
  • Considerable cost savings
  • Fully insured
  • Compliance
  • Large footprint of Franchisees and Technicians
  • Scope of Work is much wider than the competition

What services does ColorAll® Technologies provide?

  • Paint and Body repairs of cars, trucks and industrial equipment
  • Plastic welding of bumpers and dent repair
  • Fiberglass and SMC repair
  • Metal repair with using state of the art body repairs that maintain the integrity of the metal panel
  • ColorAll Ultimate Solution® restoration process for sun faded, oxidized surfaces
  • Branding and De-branding
  • Headlight Reconditioning

Why use ColorAll® Technologies repair services?

Downtime Kills Business: Having your car or truck in the body shop is not only inconvenient but also a waste of money. The following is a short list of how downtime of your vehicles can kill your business.

  • Shuttling of the vehicle takes two employees off of existing work decreasing productivity of your shop
  • Revenue loss from not having your vehicle on the road
  • Downtime cuts into a dealership’s ability to sell the car in the 60 day sales cycle
  • Increased expense of buying loaner vehicles to fill in for the vehicle that is in the shop
  • A body shop’s normal turn around 7 business days for a job that may take ColorAll® a couple of hours to complete in the same day

By the time you add all of this up, the actual costs of a simple repair could easily double and the opportunity costs are without measure.

ColorAll® Technologies has perfected a system to not only diminish downtime but also decrease expenses. On average our pricing is less than the body shop before adding the savings from the downtime. Uniformed Franchisee, Technicians and Account Managers will provide you with a valuable service at a fraction of the cost compared to body shops.



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