For Rental Agencies

In the car and truck rental market, availability and appearance of the vehicle is paramount when trying to maximize revenues generated from each vehicle. Rental Companies lose an average of $50 a day for cars and $150 a day for trucks for every day that the vehicle is downed for service or repair. ColorAll’s service provides you with same-day or next-day service on site, saving you money. Being able to minimize liability and market damage waivers as a profit center is also an important advantage when considering ColorAll.

If you are looking to limit your vehicle downtime while controlling vehicle maintenance costs, ColorAll Technologies’ national footprint of technicians can help.

What can you expect from ColorAll Technologies?

  • Reliability
  • Outstanding on-site service
  • Considerable cost savings
  • Fully insured
  • Compliance
  • Large footprint of Franchisees and Technicians
  • Scope of Work is much wider than the competition
  • Uniformed Technicians and Account Managers

What services does ColorAll Technologies provide?

  • Paint and Body repairs of cars, trucks and industrial equipment
  • Plastic welding of bumpers and dent repair
  • Fiberglass and SMC repair
  • Metal repair with using state of the art body repairs that maintain the integrity of the metal panel
  • ColorAll Ultimate Solution® restoration process for sun faded, oxidized surfaces
  • Branding and De-branding
  • Headlight Reconditioning

Why use ColorAll Technologies repair services?

Downtime Kills Business: Having your car or truck in the body shop is not only inconvenient but also a waste of money. The following is a short list of how downtime of your vehicles can kill your business.

  • Shuttling of the vehicle takes two employees off of existing work decreasing productivity of your shop
  • Revenue loss from not having your vehicle on the road
  • Downtime cuts into a dealership’s ability to sell the car in the 60 day sales cycle
  • Increased expense of buying loaner vehicles to fill in for the vehicle that is in the shop
  • A body shop’s normal turn around 7 business days for a job that may take ColorAll a couple of hours to complete in the same day

By the time you add all of this up, the actual costs of a simple repair could easily double, not to mention lost opportunity costs resulting from lengthy repairs.

ColorAll Technologies International, Inc. has perfected a system to not only diminish downtime but also decrease expenses. On average our pricing is almost always significantly less than the body shop, and that’s before adding the savings from reduced downtime.


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